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12 & under
13 & over
Solos, Duet/Trio
6 & under
7 years
8 years
9 years
10 years
12 years

13 years
14 years
15 years
16 years
17 years
18 years
19 & over
Groups, Lines & Extended Lines
6 & under
7-8 years
9-10 years
11-12 years
13-14 years
15-16 years
17-18 years
19 & over
Age as of January 1st, 2011

Average age of competitors as of January 1st, 2011 Add ages together as of
January 1st, 2011 and divide by the number of competitors in the routine, drop decimal place.

Average age of competitors as of January 1st, 2011.


Average age of competitors as of January 1st, 2011 Add ages together as of January 1st, 2011 and divide by the number of competitors in the routine, drop decimal place. Productions will compete amongst themselves for an Overall Trophy and one cash award.

Category are NOT eligible for Overalls or cash awards. Routines restricted to groups or lines only.

Note: There will be special pins and awards given as follows:

Top 3 Solo & Duet/Trio performances (for each age group) if there are more than 6 numbers competing in these categories.


Small Group: 4 - 9 dancers
Large Group: 10 - 15 dancers
Line: 16 plus dancers
Extended Line: 16 plus dancers
Production: 20 plus dancers

Solos: 3 Min
Duet/Trios: 3 Min
Small Groups: 3 Min
Large Groups/Lines: 4 Min
Extended Line: 5 Min
Production: 6 to 8 minutes. Please contact our office before the competition to assist in scheduling your set up and take down. You must have your own crew to set up and take down your props. Please make sure the crew knows the set-up.

All Novice time limits for all routines are 2 minuntes only. (Maximum)

The following categories are offered at CanDance (in all three divisions: Novice, Competitive and Pre-Competitive)

Demi-Pointe / Demi-Charecter
Pointe (any use of point shoes)
Jazz (2 acro tricks)
Tap (No pre-recorded tap sounds)
Musical Theatre (includes "Song and Dance" and "Lip Sync")
Hip Hop/Street Style
Open (This is for any routine that does not seem appropriate in any of the above listed categories.)
Adult (restricted to groups and lines only and not eligible for overall awards)

Please call office for all fee information. All Canadian fees are subject to HST/QST/GST depending on the province you are entering.


Is open to all categories and sizes (Solo, Duet / Trio, Group and Line).

Is a person that has never competed before in a Solo, Duet or Trio. They may have competed in a group.

Novice Group/Line
Must be 100% novice.

Is a person that has competed before and has more than 3 hours of training per week. This division is eligible for all overalls and Diamond Dance-Off.

This is for the recreational dancer, with a required 2 hours training per week.

Will compete amongst themselves for Overall Awards and Cash Awards.

Canadian regional competitions only!

CanDance offers 2 Diamond Dance-Off divisions:
JUNIOR (12 and under) & SENIOR (13 and over).

To allow the Diamond Dance Off to happen in each city, there would need to be 350 entries or more. Anything less we would award high scores and overalls only. (This is for Canadian cities only)
ALL DIAMOND scoring group routines will be invited to a Dance-Off held at the end of each competition. All routines will re-dance for CASH awards. This is exclusive only to Small Groups, Large Groups, Lines and Extended Lines.

ALL DIAMOND routines must attend the Dance-Off to be eligible for the Cash Awards. Production, Novice / Pre-Competitive and Adult routines are not eligible for the Dance-Off.

This part of the competition will now be held on its own day/night. It will be on the final day of competition.

Note: There is a NO charge for the Diamond Dance Off. There is no additional entry fee for students to re-dance the routine in the Diamond Dance Off.

Bronze 75-79.9
Silver 80-84.9
Gold 85-89.9
Platinum 90-94.9
Diamond 95 & over

Medals, Ribbons, Pins, Plaques will be awarded in regular divisions.
- Novice, Pre-Competitive & Production have separate overalls
- 6 or more in the category, top 3 will be announced
- High score awards in each category. Age divisions will be broken down
- Overall Scholarship awards 12 & under and 13 & over in each category. (1 winner)
- All overall winners will receive a Euro International package. Dancers may join the CanDance Show team in July 2011. We will be traveling to Spain.

- 2 Costume Award
- 2 Adjudicators Choice Awards

Junior Miss and Mister 9 - 12
Teen Miss and Mister 13 - 15
Senior Miss and Mister 16 & over



1. Entry deadlines are as follows: ALL CANDADIAN FEES DUE JAN, 15th, 2011. ALL AMERICAN FEES DUE 6 WEEKS PRIOR TO THE EVENT 2011.
2. Age cut off is January 1st, 2011
3. Only studio cheques or money orders payable to CanDance will be accepted. NO REBATE for late of NSF cheques, late entries must be a certified cheque. We do not accept credit cards
4. Teachers and/or Professional dancers MAY NOT compete in the regular competition; they may however compete in the ADULT division ONLY. No overalls will be awarded in that division.
5. A professional sound system is utilized by CanDance. Please label all music and hand in to music technician. Please have CD's in order of performance. Please have back-up music. Please have a studio representative at the music while the music is being played.
6. All still or digital photography and/or video taping of any entry is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. NO EXCEPTIONS - Routines risk being disqualified!
7. The decision of the Judges is FINAL.
8. There will be 3 qualified judges
9. Time limits will be STRICTLY ENFORCED; there will be a 1 point deduction for every 5 seconds over time.
10. All critiques will be done on a flash drive. Critiques can be picked up after the event. Critiques will be given to studio directors/teachers only.
11. Titled soloist competition at National Level only.
12. Please have dancers ready to dance 30 minutes before scheduled time.
13. When you arrive please pick-up teachers package at the merchandize table.
14. All Judges Critiques will be recorded on to a flash drive. You will receive 1 flash drive with 3 judge's critiques
15. Dancers must sign in 3 numbers prior to scheduled performance
16. Title Soloist winner can not win title in another city. Must score 80 to receive the title
17. No independent entries will be accepted, you must be registered with a studio attending.
18. All cities will start on Thursday afternoon and run to Sunday evening. Entries will be limited.
19. No charge to Diamond Dance Off. Separating the Dance off, Juniors first then awarded followed by Seniors then awarded.
20. More award presentations per session.
21. All scholarships and awards are subject to change according to amount of entries in each city.
22. To allow the Daimond Dance Off to happen in each city, there would need to be 350 entries or more. Any less we would award high scores and overall only. (This is for Canadian cities only)


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